Wohnprojekt Südstadtschule:  is a former school building converted into a community housing project.

The housing project Südstadtschule is located in a heritage-protected school for visually impaired people. After the school was relocated, 16 residential units, three offices and a children’s and youth library were built here. The flat floor plans were planned together with the owners. The biggest challenges during the conversion were the protection of historical heritage and the typology of the gymnasium. After all, four adjacent houses were built here, reminiscent of semi-detached houses. The former schoolyard is the green centre of the project, towards which all the flats are oriented. The buildings achieve the KfW 70 standard through multiple thermal bridges and a complete decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery. 

General information

ArchitectsMosaik Architekten BDA, Hannover
OwnerplanW Organisations- und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH; 
Mosaik Architekten BDA, Hannover
AddressKrausenstraße/Ecke Schlägerstraße, Hannover
Construction period2009-2012
Constructionferroconcrete skeleton
SpaceBGF 2.100 m2, 16 housing units, 3 commercial spaces and one public library 


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