Generationenwohnen: intergenerational living with orientation towards the green space.

The Generationenwohnanalge in Vienna is a three- to four-storey housing complex in wooden construction. The buildings are arranged in a U-shape, creating a green common courtyard for recreation and exercise. They provide space for 55 flats including senior flats, a senior club and a children’s group. The flats are arranged in such a way that they are optimally lighted and face the green space. The pergolas serve as access to the flats, as common and also provide protection from the noise of the busy street. 

In addition to social aspects such as the compatibility of several generations and various forms of living in one building complex, ecological requirements were implemented and a low-energy house was built. Wood was used as the primary building material. This becomes apparent on the exterior surfaces in the form of wooden balconies and façades, as well as in the interior on the soffits of the ceilings, and can thus be experienced. Some of the wood comes from local cultivation and could be used untreated.

Street view and soundproof elements © Marlene Hildebrandt

General information

ArchitectsPraschl-Goodarzi Architekten
OwnerGewog (Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbau Gesellschaft) Wien
AddressBreitenfurter Straße 450-454, 1230 Vienna
Construction period2013
Constructionsolid wood construction, Wall system in plywood and timber frame construction
Space5123 m2, 55 flats


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