wagnisART: is a housing project for self-organized and self-managed housing communities.

WagnisART consists of five free standing buildings with 138 barrier free residential units, each of which is arranged around a central access core. The houses are linked to each other by bridges on their top floors and form a large and varied roof garden landscape that is dedicated to the residents. In addition to conventional apartments, one also finds new forms of living such as cluster apartments. Rents are scaled according to income. While the private living space is reduced to the essentials, the ground floor offers a variety of communal spaces as well as music and event rooms, studios, a workshop, a sauna, a laundry café and guest apartments. This clearly demonstrates the participatory orientation of the residential project. The residents were also involved in the planning process and design elements were developed together with the architects. 

The buildings are certified passive houses and have photovoltaic systems including a tenant electricity concept.

View from the building Wagnis Art in Munich
Site of wagnisART © Michael Heinrich

General information

Architectsbogevischs buero – Architekten und Stadtplaner
SHAG – Udo Schindler und Walter Hable Architekten
OwnerWohnbaugenossenschaft wagnis eG
AddressFritz-Winter-Straße 10-30, 80807 München
Construction period2012-2016
Constructionreinforced concrete with drywall finishing
Space20.275 m2, 138 housing units


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