UfaFabrik: is a unique place where a meaningful interweaving of living, working, culture, creativity and social life is established.

The former production site of the Ufa-Universum Film AG in the south of Berlin was reconstructed 1979 to become a place for culture and creativity. Initially, the area was squatted peacefully in order to apply for a right to stay in the future. After successful negotiations and remaining, the lease agreement was transferred to a 35-year hereditary lease in 1986. 

The engaged community shares the vision to create a model of living and working together in the greatest possible harmony with nature through ecological pilot projects and energetic building renovation, through innovative, participatory cultural experience and through social networks for people of all ages, for families and neighborhoods. Furthermore practical solutions for structural and energy improvements are constantly being tested and further developed: Greening, Rainwater, Waste, Sound insulation and Energy.

View of the main access from the UfaFabrik in Berlin
Main access © Marlene Hildebrandt

General information

ArchitectsOtto Kohtz

OwnerLand Berlin
Leaseholder: Internationales Kultur Centrum ufaFabrik e.V.

AddressViktoriastr. 10-18, 12105 Berlin

Construction 1921, recommissioning 1979

Residents30 residents plus employees

SpaceSite: 18.566 m2


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