Quartier WIR: is a social-mixed neighborhood with a great timber frame construction.

The Quartier WIR is located in Berlin Weißensee and consists of five structurally identical wooden building blocks, all of which have 4-5 storeys and together form two inner courtyards. The standardisation of the housing types and facades reduces the construction time and costs. The construction achieves the passive house standard KfW-40. The urban quarter combines cooperative living (BeGeno16), assisted living, rental flats and owner-occupied flats. The cooperative flats also include cluster living. In addition, there are various common spaces such as a swimming pool, day care centre, workshop and a roof terrace that are available to residents and the surrounding neighbourhood. Emphasis is also placed on the “integration of public uses, goods and services”; accordingly, a physiotherapy practice and an apprentice restaurant can be found in the district. 

General information

ArchitectsDeimel Oelschläger
OwnerUTB Construction & Development GmbH; Baugenossenschaft “BeGeno 16”
AddressPiesporter Str. 16, 13088 Berlin
Construction period2016 – 2020
Constructiontimber frame construction
Residentsca. 250
Space(BGF) 15.600 m2, 190 units inc. cluster apartments 


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