Möckernkiez: offers cooperative living units in the city centre. 

The Möckernkiez is the result of an initiative by citizens of Berlin. After the founding of the Möckernkiez cooperative in 2009, the construction of the cooperative flats was planned in a participatory process. The apartments border the Gleisdreieckpark in the southeast and have direct access to the park. The construction of the 14 apartment buildings had to be interrupted after about a year due to unsecured financing, but could be continued in 2016. The area is now inhabited by 900 people. All residents are members of the cooperative and must purchase cooperative shares and pay a one-time joining fee at the beginning. In return, rents are secured for the long term. Supplementary living space is offered in the form of rentable studios, workshops and communal areas. In addition, the Möckernkiez association is committed to social cohesion and a lively neighbourhood. The Möckernkiez is planned to be car- and barrier-free. 

Park view from the building Möckernkiez in Berlin
View from the park © Stefan Müller

General information

ArchitectsBaufrösche Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, Kassel / Berlin
roedig.shop architekten gbr, Berlin 
Rolf Disch SolarArchitektur, Freiburg 
Schulte-Frohlinde Architekten, Berlin 
hochC Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin
OwnerMöckernkiez Genossenschaft für selbstverwaltetes, soziales
und ökologisches Wohnen eG, Berlin
AddressMöckernkiez 2, 10963 Berlin
Construction period2016 – 2018
Constructionnew building, in parts wooden construction 
Spaceliving area 35.650 m², 471 apartments


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