Künstlerateliers Erlenmatt Ost: exchanges comfort for low construction costs and thus offers affordable living and working space to artists.

The Künstleratelier Erlenmatt Ost enables artists to realize their life model, in which work and everyday life become interwoven. The rents are affordable due to the raw construction with 3.45 meter high ceilings and unplastered sand-lime brick walls. The interior fittings are limited to a flexibly positionable sanitary block consisting of kitchen and bathroom elements. This allows the residents to design the interior independently, to incorporate the space and to interpret it, in some cases in an experimental way. Overall, during construction, attention was paid to sustainable resource management through reduced use of resources. The building does not require any heating at all and thus contributes significantly to the reduction of  CO2. In winter, it is envisaged that the waste heat from all heat sources (occupants, heat radiation from lighting or electrical appliances and daylight) will ensure a room temperature of around 20-22 degrees. In summer, room depth and balconies provide heat and sun protection. The energy concept succeeds, among other things, through the double-shell construction with exterior walls made of insulating bricks.The bricks used are light and insulate well. The project is being scientifically accompanied by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

View of the facade from Künstlerateliers Erlenmatt Ost in Basel
Façade © Barbara Bühler

General information

ArchitectsDegelo Architekten
OwnerCoopérative d’Ateliers
AddressSignalstrasse 41/43, 4058 Basel
Construction period2018 – 2019
ConstructionMassive construction with exterior walls made of insulating bricks
SpaceBGF 2600 m2


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