Heizenholz: enables self-determined urban living in a multi-generational house.

The Heizenholz settlement is the second settlement of the building and housing cooperative Kraftwerk1. The Heizenholz project connects two former residential buildings of the municipal youth hostel from the 70s by adding a new building section with the help of terraces in front. These are called ‘terraces commune’ and form the core of the project. They are meeting points for the residents and invite them to linger and play, since they do not function as emergency exits, they can be furnished. The community aspect is the main focus of the project: the special needs of people aged 55 and older are taken into account, so that living is made possible in all phases of life. In particular, people of different ages and stages of life live in the existing cluster apartments. The settlement was built according to ecological and energy-efficient construction measures. For example, there is a photovoltaic system, a rainwater cistern, an exhaust-air heat pump and an environmentally friendly mobility offer. In addition, the space requirement per person is only 36 m2, which is below the Zurich and Swiss average.

General information

ArchitectsAdrian Streich Architekten AG, Zürich 
OwnerBau- und Wohngenossenschaft Kraftwerk1
AddressRegensdorferstrasse 190 und 194, 8049 Zurich
Construction period2009-2011
Constructionrenovation and redensification
Spacemain usage area: 3.350 m2, living area: 3.020 m2 (26 living units), 
commercial area: 210 m2, communal area: 120 m2


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