Giesserei: combines participatory housing structures with ecological living in timber constructions.

The Giesserei is a monumental residential timber building consisting of two 130 m long, six-storey, parallel-positioned east-west wings. The building meets the Minergie-P Eco standard, heating is provided by district heating and there is a photovoltaic system on the roof. In addition, a smart metering system shows the residents their hot and cold water and heat consumption. Overall, numerous details ensure a participatory and lively residential structure. The modular system allows a variety of different flat layouts and sizes, so that one-room apartments could be created in addition to cluster apartments with ten rooms. The modular system also allows for adaptation to changing housing needs. On the long sides of the building, the total of 155 flats can be reached via loggias. These also invite people to socialize. In addition, the lively ground floor area with restaurant, bicycle shop, workshops, community room, laundry, surgeries and much more offers space for encounters. The neighbourhood is self-managed and organised by an association and various working groups. An interactive website enables additional contacts and uncomplicated exchange offers.

Wooden facade of the building Giesserei in Winterthur
View of the wooden façade of the Giesserei ©

General information

ArchitectsGalli Rudolf Architekten AG
OwnerGeseWo (Genossenschaft für selbstverwaltetes Wohnen)
AddressIda-Sträuli-Strasse 65, 8404 Winterthur, Switzerland
Construction period2011-2013
Constructiontimber construction
Space16900 m² main usable area, 29400 m² floor area, 
155 living units including communal space (40 living types), extra commercial space


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